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knife Civil War period bone handle pocket knife.
Dug at Bermuda Hundred. This knife is complete with the entire handle present and in great shape. It has become opened at one end.
Item MS9210  $44.95

match Soldier made match holder.
This very unusual artifact was found in a union campsite in Caroline County, Virginia.
This artifact measure's approximately 7" wide by 6-3/4" tall.
Item MS9172  $95.00

heels Pair of Boot Heels.
These iron heels were excavated in Culpeper County, Virginia.
They have been sprayed with clear acrylic.
Item MS9153  $39.95 SOLD

chain Civil War Period Watch Chain made with an 1857 10 Francs Gold Coin.
This chain measures proximately 12-1/4" long and has an 1857 10 Francs gold coin, However the chain appears to be gold plated brass.
Item MS9148  $395.00

tent Civil War Period Tent Rope Fastener.
This artifact was excavated in Central Virginia.
It is 3" long, and will display nicely.
Item MS9139  $19.95

tent Civil War Period Tent Rope Fastener.
This artifact was excavated in Central Virginia.
It is 3" long, and will display nicely.
Item MS9138  $19.95

chess piece Soldier Carved Chess Piece.
This beautifully carved .58 Caliber was excavated
in a Union camp in Culpeper County, Virginia.
Item MS9128  $44.95

seal Vintage Patriotic Wax Seal.
This wax seal was recovered at Varina, Virginia. This piece stands about an inch tall and features a seal with a field of stars, as one might find on our flag. The connecting loop at the top is bent, and it can be cleaned further. It will display well in any collection.
Item MS9074  $47.50

Officers heartbreak An Officer's heartbreak.
Found by Ransom Hundley, June 3, 2012. I found these items along the Confederate side of the North Anna River, the site of a sizeable fight in May of 1864. The site had been hunted out by the Old Timers using Nautilus Metal Detectors. Thinking there was nothing left, they turned the site over to me and I went there using a Fisher F-75 and found these items and a few others. The Confederate sword pommel handle, the 18k,( marked 18), size four ring, and the Confederate Ring-tail sharps were all dug within a few inches of each other. This ring, according to Rosalie Hundley, it belonged to a woman; though I think it might have belonged to a child. Rosalie points out: childrens rings are much thinner than this one. The full retail value of the gold in this small ring is $181.00. (*The ring has been acid tested to confirm that it is indeed 18k.)
Item MS9069  $375.25 REDUCED $295.00

Wax Seal Civil War relic wax seal.
This seal was recovered at the Diggin In Virginia hunt in October 2008 in a Union camp at Brandy Rock Farm. This seal is about 1-1/8 inches square. Your seal includes 2 wax impressions and the digger's original tag; it comes displayed in a Sgt. Riker case.
Item MS9046  $75.99

2 bolo pins

2 Civil War era bolo slides
for bolo ties.
These pieces were
recovered in Virginia
Item MS9041  
$24.99 for both!