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photo C.D.V. by Richmond Photograph Gallery.
This is an identified photo of William Waldrop, Senior.
Item PH1095     $19.95

photo Original CDV of General Beauregard.
CDV of General Beauregard with an E. Anthony New York back mark. (There is a small "KY" notation in pencil at the lower right of the back of the carte, designation unknown.) The famous Confederate General is shown here in Union pre war blue uniform.
Item PH1093     $79.95

photos Seven Vintage 19th Century Cartes de Visite Made in America.
These C.D.V.'s show some aging, but they remain in good condition. They were produced in the following areas: Owentown, Kentucky; Salem, North Carolina; Knoxville, Tennessee; Cincinnnati, Ohio; Augusta, Georgia; Savannah, Georgia; and Baltimore, Maryland. Some have papers to indicate the person's identity; they will be included.
Item PH1091     $29.95

photo Stereoview of a Civil War Era Rodman Gun.
This piece measures 7 inches by 3-3/8 inches, and the photograph was likely taken at the Charleston Battery. It is in excellent condition, though there is some very light wear at the edges and some smudging and discoloration, though not on the photos. The back is marked, "11626 The Sportsman's Paradise."
Item PH1087     $54.95

photo Stereoview of "Non-Commissioned Officers Mess, Co. D, 93rd New York Infantry"
This view was taken in Bealton, Virginia, in August 1863. A product of Taylor and Huntington, this 7 inch by 3-7/8 inch is in excellent condition, though there is some wear and discoloration at the edges- not in the photos. The back tells a bit about photographic history and why the images were priced higher than common images.
Item PH1086     $89.95

photo Two C.D.V. sized cards depicting nude statuary and ladies.
These cards date from the second half of the 19th century. One card displays a beautiful statue of a nude woman. It shows "White Captive," by Erasmus D. Palmer. Made in 1858 and 1859, the statue measures 65 by 20-1/4 by 17 inches and is Palmer's best known statue. The card measures about 3-15/16 inches by 2-1/2 inches. The second card measures 4 inches by 2-3/8 inches and shows pretty woman holding onto another. On the back of the card, it reads, "Light and Shade."
Item PH1085     $22.95

photo Nice 1873 C.D.V.
This carte de visite or C.D.V., measures about 4-1/8 b 2-1/2 inches and is displayed in an acrylic Sgt. Riker C.D.V. holder. The photo features a young lady in a cog shaped frame. The back indicates that the maker was Prof. G.B. Smith/ Gallery of Fine Arts/ Bristol, Tenn. "1873"is penciled underneath, and at the bottom, it reads, "Negatives retained. Duplicates can be obtained at any time upon application by mail or otherwise." At the top of the back, it appears that "Alpha" has been penciled in.
Item PH1084     $24.95

photo Civil War Era C.D.V. of a diplomat or courier holding a leather dispatch case.
ID of person unknown. The back of the card reads: Lee Gallery, 220 Main St. Richmond Va. /J.W. & W.W. Davies Proprietors.
Item PH1083     $95.00

photo Small tin type of a Native American woman.
Housed in a gutta percha round frame this was one half of a two piece ensemble that screwed together.
Item PH1082     $64.95

photo Vintage Tintype circa 1900 of Boy with a Bicycle.
This artifact measures about 3-3/8 by 2-3/8 inches and shows a boy standing beside a bicycle. The background appears to be a wall hanging to provide a scene for the photo. Your tintype is nicely displayed in a Sgt.Riker acrylic CDV holder.
Item PH1081     $49.95

photo CDV of an individual believed to be a guard at the Rock Island, IL prisoner of war camp.
It was purchased with another CDV of a union soldier who was definitely identified as a prison guard. Both that photo and this one were taken by the same photographer at Rock Island, IL. His name and an 1865 date is written on the reverse, but the writing is difficult to decipher. We think his last name is Olson or Alson.
Item PH1080     $75.00

photo CDV of Wellington Leach.
He enlisted on 8/8/1862 in the 25th Iowa Infantry and on 9/1/1863 transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps. Duties of the Veteran Reserve included serving as prison guards at the Rock Island, IL prison. Since this photograph was taken at Rock Island (noted on reverse of CDV), it can be assumed that he was a guard at that prison. Included in your purchase are three pages of Soldier History of Wellington Leach.
Item PH1077     $295.00

photo CDV of US General Ambrose Burnside.
Nice condition CDV of US General Ambrose Burnside, dubious of Fredericksburg fame. On back, Published by The New York Photographic Co. No. 453 Broadway New York
Item PH1069     $125.00

photo CDV of a Union Civil War Infantry private in uniform.
Your purchase includes the CDV in an acrylic stand, as shown in the picture.
Item PH1067     $145.00

photo Ninth plate tintype.
This is an unidentified soldier in uniform with a sixth Corps badge present on his jacket. Another unknown insignia is present on his jacket also. The case is in fair condition, and the fastener works.
Item PH1060     $225.00

photo Unidentified children in period dress.
This photo was taken by Webster & Bros. Louisville.
Item PH1057     $40.00

photo Unidentified Union Soldier.
This is an unidentified Union soldier in full dress.
Item PH1056     $35.00 SOLD

photo Unidentified Foreign Soldier.
This photo was taken by J. J. Hawes, Photographers,
19 Tremont Row, Boston.
Item PH1055     $90.00

photo Picture of the new Eagle dated from 1865.
Album portrait of "Old Abe" the live Eagle which was carried through a three year's campaign and many battles by the 8th Wisconsin Regiment.
Item PH1053     $35.00

photo CDV of an unknown 2nd Lieutenant.
This photo was taken by F.A.Stevens Photography
and Ambrotypist Chelsea, Vt.
Item PH1052     $75.00

photo CDV of Circus Attraction Major Ray and His Wife Jennie.
Once called by the now politically incorrect term of “circus freak”, these two toured with the Sells Brothers Circus for a period of time, billed as “the World’s Smallest Couple. ” Later William H. “Major” Ray opened a store in Hornersville, Missouri where he sold among other items Buster Brown shoes. He convinced the shoe company to use him as the model for Buster Brown, and he appeared as that character at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Some of the lettering is faint on this photo. The front reads at the bottom, “WENDT Ivory Process ____.” The back reads “Major RAY & WIFE/ The King & Queen of the ____ World/ Age 40 _____29/ Height 36 inches _____/ Weight 38 ________/ Married in Yates Center, _____/ Born in Perry County, Tenn. April 22nd, 186_/ Wife was Born Franklin County, ___ March 16th, 1871” followed by some lodge references. the overall size of this CDV mounted on a card is about 6-3/8 inches by 4-1/8 inches. A nice historic memento for your collection.
Item PH1051     $59.95

photo Unidentified U.S. Navy Captain.
Written on the back of this photo is, U.S. Navy Captain Civil War. The $25.00 price on it is the price I paid for it many years ago. Your purchase includes the photo in a 1/4" thick plastic case, as shown in the picture.
Item PH1050     $59.95

postcards (33) Vintage German Postcards, Including German Royalty.
These postcards appear to have belonged to an American lady who spent time in Germany and had friends there. Not all are used; the ones with legible postmarks are dated in the 1910s. About half of these specimens picture German royalty, including a beautiful colored bas-relief picture of Kaiser Wilhelm II. A very nice collection for a postcard collector or Germanophile.
Item PH1047     $124.99

photo Unidentified Union Soldier.
This soldier is wearing an 1851 sword belt buckle, and is holding
an 1860 N.C.O sword. This tintype does not have a case.
Item PH1039   $165.00

photo Ninth Plate Ambrotype.
This is an unidentified civilian photo, and it is in good condition.
The back half of the case is missing as shown in the picture.
Item PH1038   $39.95

photo Sixth Plate Ambrotype.
This is an unidentified Union soldier, and the buttons
on the uniform are regulation eagles. The photo is in
good condition, but the front of the case is separated
from the photo side. One side of the latch is missing.
Item PH1033   $195.00

photo CDV of Unknown Union Officer.
This photo was taken by
G.W. Bellinger of NEW YORK.
Your purchase includes a
protective sleeve.
Item PH1022  $100.00

photo CDV of Col. Pierce Van Alstyne.
U.S. Paymaster.

This photo was taken by
G.W. LOUD.of New York.
Your purchase includes
a protective sleeve.
Item PH1020  $85.00

photo CDV of an Unknown Union Officer.
In this photo the Officer is wearing a sash and has
his sword beautifully displayed at his side. This photo
includes a protective sleeve.
Item PH1019  $100.00

photo CDV of Unknown Union Officer.
This photo was taken by
J.E. McCLEES, in Philadelphia.
This is an Officer holding a
rare oil cloth and kepi.
Item PH1016  $85.00

photo CDV of General George Webb Morell.
This photo was taken by McCLEES' Gallery in Washington, D.C.
This photo will add nicely to your collection.
Item PH1015  $150.00

photo CDV of Unidentified Union Soldier.
This soldier is artillery, and there is a date stamped on the back of 1868.
Your purchase will include the photo in a protective sleeve.
Item PH1014  $49.00

photo CDV of Unidentified Union Soldier.
This soldier is an 18th Connecticut Infantry Officer.
Your purchase will include the photo in a protective sleeve.
Item PH1013  $75.00

photo CDV of Unidentified Union Soldier.
This soldier appears to be a Lieutenant
and is wearing a 2nd Corp's badge.
Item PH1007  $50.00

stoneman Signed CDV of General Stoneman.
Produced by BRADY.

This photo was published by
E.& H.T.ANTHONY of New York
from a photographic negative
made by BRADY'S National Portrait
Gallery. Your puchase will include
the photo in a plastic protective sleeve.
Item PH1005  $125.00

Jackson Print Quality Stonewall Jackson Print.
The original painting was created by Newell Convers Wyeth, the father of artist Andrew Wyeth and hangs in the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia. The battle weary Jackson stands with his trusted steed, Little Sorrel, storm clouds looming behind him. The brush strokes and clarity of color are accurately captured on heavy, quality paper. We offer this exceptional print at a very low price,suitable for framing. This image originally appeared the book, The Long Roll, by Mary Johnston, copyrighted 1911. This print was copyrighted in 1989 by American Print Gallery of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The outside dimensions of the print are 25" by 19-1/2"; the dimensions of the picture portion are 20" by 16-1/2".
Item PH9010   $9.99